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Due Diligence in Real Estate, Part 1: Finding and Researching the Right Property

In real estate, as in many other areas of business, one simply can’t jump in without doing the legwork and research. Because there’s so much money at stake, it’s crucial for real estate investors (especially first-time ones) to go through the right procedures--rather than leaping without looking. With that in mind, understand that this guide [...]

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When to Refurbish (or Demolish) a Structure?

Believe it or not, a lot of work goes into real estate projects--in particular, the decision over whether a property should be renovated and refurbished, or demolished outright to make way for another structure. Personally, I much prefer renovation and refurbishment: I find it more cost-effective and efficient, and I’ve made much of my career [...]

A Primer to Repositioning Single Family Homes

Even though I’ve built my career on rehabbing and repositioning large, multi-family apartment complexes, I’ve always remained fond of single-family homes. After all, there is plenty of opportunity for renovating and reselling single-family homes--to the point that there are many articles, TV shows, websites, and magazines that have covered the topic. And renovating (and then [...]

All About Equity, Part 2: Sources of Equity

In the previous installment, I discussed the importance of equity, as well as a few time-tested, tried methods for attaining it. But to be honest, the process of attaining equity can be a diverse one; depending on your individual personality, your route to investment equity may look a lot different than mine. Further, I’m also [...]

Michael Zaransky interview on IdeaMensch

View on IdeaMensch: Michael Zaransky has dedicated his life to building harmonious communities. As the Founder and Managing Partner of MZ Capital Partners (and co-CEO of Prime Property Investors), Michael Zaransky is a seasoned real estate developer with an eye for building properties that serve the larger community. But Michael is not defined merely by his nine [...]

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Four Indicators of An Up-and-Coming Real Estate Market

Look before you leap, as the old saying goes. Nowhere is that more true than real estate investing. After all, when you’re sinking hard-earned capital into an investment, success is always balanced by some degree of uncertainty. The trick, then, is to do your due diligence on the forces influencing any given housing market; factor [...]

Is Co-Housing the Next Big Thing?

The idea might bring to mind a Soviet kommunalka or a hippie commune, but co-housing is rising in popularity among people looking for a small, tight-knit community while still owning their own home. Even mortgage giant Fannie Mae has recently begun acknowledging them in their loan offerings. With all the talk of higher rates of [...]

How to Break Into the Millennial Market (For Real Estate)

If you already feel old, I have bad news for you: kids born in 2000 will be turning 18 next year. The ones born in 1995 are already over 21. Millennials––the cohort born between 1981 and 2000––are a huge consumer demographic. Recent population estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau show that there are 75.4 million [...]

Why Mid-tier Properties Are the Future

During the second quarter of 2016, the homeownership rate in America fell to 62.9%—the lowest it’s been since 1965. The reasons for this decline include a mix of factors, including the lingering effects of the 2008 financial crisis, strict lending regulations, and expensive real estate costs in major cities. Other experts also cite things like [...]