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1504, 2019

Secondary, Tertiary Markets Are of Prime Appeal

If any real estate trend has become obvious in recent years, it is this: Things are happening in the secondary and tertiary markets. Big things. That’s where the jobs are and where the cost of living is most favorable -- and where, as a result, [...]

804, 2019

Tech’s Continuing Impact on Multifamily Properties

Real estate is a Goliath, the largest asset class in the world. Yet for a very long time it failed to measure up to other industries in one very significant way -- an embrace of technology. That has begun to change, with one of the [...]

1303, 2019

Landscaping: Fertile Ground for Adding Value to Your Property

  There are many ways to add value to an existing property, and one of the best is to invest in professional landscaping. A coveted multi-family property has curb appeal, meaning residents should feel a sense of pride as they approach the entrance. It also [...]

603, 2019

Rehabbing is all the Rage

Never before has there been a greater demand for housing -- especially affordable housing. Michael Hobbes, writing for in June 2018, cited the grim numbers in a report from the Joint Center For Housing Studies at Harvard University and concluded that the housing crisis [...]

2702, 2019

Flipping is Often a Flop

It looks so easy on TV: Someone buys a distressed real estate property, invests in repairs and upgrades, then re-sells it -- and quickly! -- for a handsome profit. If only life imitated art. While the multitude of television shows about house-flipping led to a [...]

1102, 2019

Attracting Tenant-Buyers With Augmented Reality

When home ownership is a dream but not a reality for your potential clients, there is a way to keep their business. The happy medium between renting and owning is to be a tenant buyer. These types of occupants rent properties that eventually they’d like [...]

Michael Zaransky
Michael Zaransky
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