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509, 2017

All About Equity, Part 2: Sources of Equity

In the previous installment, I discussed the importance of equity, as well as a few time-tested, tried methods for attaining it. But to be honest, the process of attaining equity can be a diverse one; depending on your individual personality, your route to investment equity [...]

3008, 2017

Michael Zaransky interview on IdeaMensch

View on IdeaMensch: Michael Zaransky has dedicated his life to building harmonious communities. As the Founder and Managing Partner of MZ Capital Partners (and co-CEO of Prime Property Investors), Michael Zaransky is a seasoned real estate developer with an eye for building properties that serve the larger [...]

1807, 2017

Four Indicators of An Up-and-Coming Real Estate Market

Look before you leap, as the old saying goes. Nowhere is that more true than real estate investing. After all, when you’re sinking hard-earned capital into an investment, success is always balanced by some degree of uncertainty. The trick, then, is to do your due [...]

506, 2017

Is Co-Housing the Next Big Thing?

The idea might bring to mind a Soviet kommunalka or a hippie commune, but co-housing is rising in popularity among people looking for a small, tight-knit community while still owning their own home. Even mortgage giant Fannie Mae has recently begun acknowledging them in their [...]

206, 2017

How to Break Into the Millennial Market (For Real Estate)

If you already feel old, I have bad news for you: kids born in 2000 will be turning 18 next year. The ones born in 1995 are already over 21. Millennials––the cohort born between 1981 and 2000––are a huge consumer demographic. Recent population estimates by [...]

Michael Zaransky
Michael Zaransky
Co-CEO at Prime Property Investors, Ltd. Managing Principal at MZ Capital Partners