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A Good Man(ager) Is Hard to Find: Here’s How to Find the Right One for You and Your Multifamily Property

For someone investing in a multifamily property, it is a key question: You need someone to manage that property, but how do you find the right person or management company? You must be able to trust them to keep your best interests at heart, collect rent, maintain the place and stay in touch with you [...]

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How to Market Your Multifamily Property

Once upon a time properties for rent or sale were advertised in magazines or special newspaper sections in the hope that someone would pick one up, find something they liked, maybe figure out how to drive by the property and then call an agent. Obviously, online marketing has transformed the way consumers interact with real [...]

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Building a Community, Not Just a Property: Yes, It Can Be Done

With the dramatic rise in multi-family rentals in the United States, tenant retention depends largely on them feeling part of a community. When tenants have a sense of belonging, occupancy has been shown to increase. Millennials and empty nesters make up the majority of multifamily renters and buyers, making landlords, developers, investors, and builders hustling [...]

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Secondary, Tertiary Markets Are of Prime Appeal

If any real estate trend has become obvious in recent years, it is this: Things are happening in the secondary and tertiary markets. Big things. That’s where the jobs are and where the cost of living is most favorable -- and where, as a result, people are going and the need for housing is most [...]

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Landscaping: Fertile Ground for Adding Value to Your Property

  There are many ways to add value to an existing property, and one of the best is to invest in professional landscaping. A coveted multi-family property has curb appeal, meaning residents should feel a sense of pride as they approach the entrance. It also boasts top-notch outdoor accommodations, a green mentality and an attentive [...]

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Rehabbing is all the Rage

Never before has there been a greater demand for housing -- especially affordable housing. Michael Hobbes, writing for Huffpost.com in June 2018, cited the grim numbers in a report from the Joint Center For Housing Studies at Harvard University and concluded that the housing crisis is “a ticking time bomb at the heart of the [...]

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Flipping is Often a Flop

It looks so easy on TV: Someone buys a distressed real estate property, invests in repairs and upgrades, then re-sells it -- and quickly! -- for a handsome profit. If only life imitated art. While the multitude of television shows about house-flipping led to a bevy of that sort of activity in real life -- [...]

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Attracting Tenant-Buyers With Augmented Reality

When home ownership is a dream but not a reality for your potential clients, there is a way to keep their business. The happy medium between renting and owning is to be a tenant buyer. These types of occupants rent properties that eventually they’d like to own. While renting, tenants can reside in the property [...]

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Delay Game: How a Labor Shortage Is Affecting Construction

There are, increasingly, construction projects to be done, and not enough workers to do them. According to US News & World Report, some 225,000 projects were undertaken across the U.S. each month in early 2018, but a whopping 91 percent of the contractors who undertook them said they lacked sufficient manpower. How acute is this [...]

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