Regarding the Relationship Between Multifamily Properties and Parking: It’s Complicated

One of the greatest challenges among multifamily property owners is accommodating the parking needs of residents and guests. This issue is especially problematic in densely populated urban areas where there may be insufficient parking ratios for the number of units in a property. Despite the trend toward ride-sharing and bicycling, particularly in urban communities, it's [...]

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Sweetening the Pot: Why it Pays to Incentivize Tenants

Leasing incentives work, but they have to be the right ones in the right place at the right time. What works with Millennials doesn’t necessarily work with Baby Boomers. What works in San Jose doesn’t necessarily work in Schenectady. Most fascinatingly of all, financial incentives aren’t necessarily a be-all, end-all. Jake Meador, writing for, [...]

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How to Find a Good Contractor

The conversation took place in a chatroom, one of those lonely Internet outposts where frank talk is welcome. And a newcomer to property management raised this seemingly benign question for the good of the order: Any tips? It was as if alarm bells sounded, because he was immediately informed he should not trust anyone. [...]

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Advice for a Fledgling Multifamily Investor

If you are investing in a multifamily property for the first time it is very likely that you are feeling both excited and a bit apprehensive. That being the case, it is essential to go in with eyes wide open, conscious of the common pitfalls that bedevil newcomers to the space. Here are my tips [...]

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Tips For Evaluating An Area in Which You Haven’t Invested Before

Investors considering a move to a new area are often concerned about potential externalities that may affect their business. They focus on every negative news story and every potential threat that may arise. Others simply make a move and deal with potential consequences later. Instead, companies need to take concrete steps to research an area [...]

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It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Lowdown on Green Apartments, Leases

Because of climate change and resource depletion, it is well past time for real estate owners and investors to adopt sustainable practices. Studies have shown that buildings such as multifamily properties account for 36 percent of the world’s energy consumption, and 40 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions. That has led in recent years to [...]

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A Good Man(ager) Is Hard to Find: Here’s How to Find the Right One for You and Your Multifamily Property

For someone investing in a multifamily property, it is a key question: You need someone to manage that property, but how do you find the right person or management company? You must be able to trust them to keep your best interests at heart, collect rent, maintain the place and stay in touch with you [...]

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How to Market Your Multifamily Property

Once upon a time properties for rent or sale were advertised in magazines or special newspaper sections in the hope that someone would pick one up, find something they liked, maybe figure out how to drive by the property and then call an agent. Obviously, online marketing has transformed the way consumers interact with real [...]

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Building a Community, Not Just a Property: Yes, It Can Be Done

With the dramatic rise in multi-family rentals in the United States, tenant retention depends largely on them feeling part of a community. When tenants have a sense of belonging, occupancy has been shown to increase. Millennials and empty nesters make up the majority of multifamily renters and buyers, making landlords, developers, investors, and builders hustling [...]

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