There are many ways to add value to an existing property, and one of the best is to invest in professional landscaping. A coveted multi-family property has curb appeal, meaning residents should feel a sense of pride as they approach the entrance. It also boasts top-notch outdoor accommodations, a green mentality and an attentive staff focused on regular landscape maintenance.

Statistics on landscaping return on investment (ROI) vary widely, from 100 percent to 1,000 percent, but experts unanimously agree that, while hard to quantify, the return is significant. Landscaping is also credited with increasing home values anywhere from five to 20 percent. One report shows that quality landscaping fetches seven percent greater rental revenue and that customers are willing to pay 12 percent more to live in professionally landscaped properties. Any property manager or seasoned commercial real estate owner knows that well-designed and maintained landscaping has an enormously positive effect on business value. Whether you’re selling or renting, landscaping breathes new life into your property.

Curb Appeal

An attractive entrance conveys a sense that your property is well looked after and suggests that the interior of the building will be equally impressive. Nicely landscaped properties attract more interest, retain tenants longer and fetch higher rents. An enticing exterior should include colorful, seasonally balanced plantings, a regularly mowed and watered lawn and mulched, tidy flower beds free of weeds and debris. Properties should also invest in regular landscape maintenance to ensure that snow and ice are promptly removed from pathways and parking lots in the winter, and that leaves are cleaned up in the fall. This helps properties look more inviting and ensures everyone’s safety as well.  

Communal Spaces

Most sought-after multifamily properties have also taken the time to establish nicely landscaped communal areas for residents to enjoy. Whether you’re dealing with a rooftop pool, a shared patio, a backyard, or a parking lot, ensure that you enhance its natural beauty by planting trees, shrubbery and/or flowers, or — if that’s not possible — incorporating potted plants or living walls into the space’s design to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Green Mentality

It’s no secret that contemporary consumers care deeply about sustainability. While we generally focus on adding “green” features to a property’s interior, we can also create a competitive advantage by minimizing our properties’ environmental footprint with our exterior landscapes as well. By committing to using fewer chemicals and/or organic lawn care products, and greener options like propane-powered mowers, we can create healthier environments for residents and the community at large.

Professional landscapers that specialize in commercial properties have the knowledge and expertise to create stunning landscapes that are both lasting and low-maintenance. Your investment will be rewarded by adding value to your property and ensuring that you attract long-term tenants, the seed for growing a more profitable business.